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Updated: November 25, 2022
Shows labeled as "new" are the latest uploads.


Pearl Jam - 1991-07-10 - Boston ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1991-07-15 - Providence ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1991-07-17 - New York City ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1991-10-06 - Hollywood ● info-file
(coming soon) Pearl Jam - 1991-11-03 - Springfield ● info-file

Pearl Jam - 1992-02-07 - Stockholm ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1992-02-09 - Copenhagen (v2) ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1992-02-11 - Paris ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1992-02-12 - Amsterdam ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1992-03-02 - Den Haag ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1992-03-04 - Utrecht ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1992-03-09 - Berlin ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1992-03-28 - Chicago ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1992-04-12 - New York City ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1992-04-20 - New Orleans ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1992-06-06 - London ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1992-06-17 - Milan ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1992-06-18 - Zurich ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1992-06-22 - Paris ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1992-06-26 - Roskilde ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1992-08-29 - East Troy (v2) ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1992-09-26 - Honolulu ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1992-11-01 - Bridge School Benefit ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1992-12-31 - New York City (v2) ● info-file

(new) Pearl Jam - 1993-07-11 - London ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1993-07-16 - Rotterdam ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1993-10-28 - San Francisco ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1993-10-30 - San Jose ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1993-10-31 - Berkeley ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1993-11-05 - Indio (v2) ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1993-11-12 - Dallas ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1993-11-16 - New Orleans (v2) ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1993-11-17 - New Orleans ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1993-11-24 - Wichita ● info-file

Pearl Jam - 1994-03-09 - Pensacola ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1994-03-10 - Chicago ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1994-03-13 - Chicago ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1994-03-20 - Ann Arbor ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1994-03-26 - Murfreesboro ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1994-03-28 - Miami (v2) ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1994-03-29 - St. Petersburg (v2) ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1994-04-02 - Atlanta ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1994-04-06 - Springfield (v2) ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1994-04-11 - Boston ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1994-04-17 - NYC ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1994-10-01 - Bridge School Benefit ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1994-10-02 - Bridge School Benefit ● info-file

Pearl Jam - 1995-01-14 - Washington DC (v2) ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1995-02-05 - Seattle ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1995-02-06 - Seattle (v2) ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1995-02-08 - Missoula ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1995-02-21 - Osaka ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1995-03-08 - Adelaide ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1995-03-17 - Melbourne (v3) ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1995-03-22 - Brisbane ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1995-06-16 - Casper ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1995-06-20 - Denver ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1995-07-08 - Milwaukee ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1995-07-09 - Milwaukee ● info-file
(new) Pearl Jam - 1995-09-13 - Phoenix ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1995-09-14 - Las Cruces ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1995-09-16 - Austin ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1995-09-17 - New Orleans (v2) ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1995-11-01 - Salt Lake City ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1995-11-02 - Salt Lake City (v3) ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1995-11-04 - San Jose (v3) ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1995-11-06 - San Diego (v2) ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1995-11-07 - San Diego ● info-file

Pearl Jam - 1996-09-14 - Seattle ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1996-09-29 - NYC (v2) ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1996-10-01 - Buffalo ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1996-10-02 - Hartford ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1996-10-05 - Charleston ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1996-10-07 - Fort Lauderdale ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1996-10-19 - Bridge School Benefit ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1996-10-20 - Bridge School Benefit ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1996-11-03 - Berlin (v2) ● info-file

Pearl Jam - 1997-11-12 - Santa Cruz ● info-file

Pearl Jam - 1998-03-02 - Melbourne ● info-file
(new) Pearl Jam - 1998-03-03 - Melbourne ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1998-03-05 - Melbourne (v2) ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1998-03-15 - Brisbane ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1998-06-21 - Park City ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1998-06-23 - Englewood ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1998-07-02 - St. Louis (v2) ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1998-07-14 - LA Forum (v2) ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1998-07-22 - Seattle (v2) ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1998-09-01 - Atlanta ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1998-09-03 - Birmingham (v2) ● info-file
Pearl Jam - 1998-09-16 - Mansfield ● info-file


What is DGR?

DGR stands for "Darkgrin Remaster" and it's a series I started in 2020 in an effort to create the best possible version of the best-sounding Pearl Jam live recordings that don't have an official release. Official releases can be purchased at and
How do I listen to these shows?

Each show is split into tracks, converted to FLAC (lossless compression algorithm), and packaged in a ZIP file. On a PC, you can use a program like WinZip to open the ZIP file, and most media players can play FLAC files. Alternatively, there are numerous media conversion apps to convert FLAC to WAV or MP3 (I use Flac Frontend and LameXP). On an IPhone/IPad, you can save the ZIP file to "Files" and iOS can unZIP the file, creating a folder with the FLAC files. There are multiple FLAC players in the app store (e.g. FlacBox), and you'll likely have to add the FLAC folder location to the player app settings, so it knows where to locate the FLAC files. Certainly not as convenient as going through Itunes, but doable. I don't have an Android phone, but I imagine it's easier than iOS. Personally, I set up a Plex Media Server on my home PC so I can stream the FLAC files (and movies/TV shows that I've ripped from Blu-Ray/DVD) to any of my devices, at home or away.
Who are you?

I'm a hardcore PJ fan since I first heard Ten in summer of '92 then got blown away by Atlanta '94 radio broadcast (wore that tape out). That started me down the bootleg CD path and eventually to online trading in the late '90's. I didn't have the knowledge, equipement, (or cajones) to tape live shows, so I tried to contribute to community by remastering or mixing sources together. I also authored some DVDs using multiple camera angles and multiple audio sources. I took a break from all that for several years, but the new Covid world has given me more free time at home, so I'm back at it.
What exactly are you doing to the recordings?

I find that live recordings typically have 3 aspects that need to be addressed to improve sound: 1) tonal balance, 2) volume level, and 3) stereo channel separation. I smooth out any volume fluctuations due to taper adjustments, then use 20-band graphic equalizer (EQ) to balance the frequencies. If the source has good stereo separation, I apply the same EQ setting to both channels. If the source has little/no stereo separation (e.g. MWFM or ALD), then I apply different EQ settings to each channel to increase separation. For shows with multiple recordings, I'll EQ each one, align them and evaluate if they complement each other (e.g. one has low vocals but loud guitars, and other has loud vocals but low guitars). If complimentary (or both have good sound), I'll make one source the left channel and the other the right to maximize stereo separation. Finally, I remove any loud claps using the 'click/pop removal' tool and boost the overall volume using 'peak limiting'.
What equipment/software are you using?

I have a modest Dell PC (Windows 10) and use Sony MDR-V6 headphones while editing. My main editing software is Cool Edit Pro 2.0, and I use Exact Audio Copy to rip source discs, AudioMuxer to join tracked FLAC/WAV sources into one WAV file, Trader's Little Helper to convert SHN to WAV and generate checksums at the end, CDWave to track final remastered WAV, FLAC Frontend to convert WAV to FLAC, and Mp3tag to create tags for remastered FLAC files.
How do you decide on EQ settings?

I listen with headphones and look at dynamic frequency spectrum while I manually adjust the 20-band graphic equalizer in Cool Edit Pro. After years of listening to lots of music, I have a sense of my ideal balance of low, mid, and high frequencies (both aurally and visually on dynamic frequency spectrum), so I keep tweaking levels until I get there. I then export a few samples to my home media server and play it through my home stereo system (Yamaha receiver and HTD floor-standing speakers). I then go back and tweak more with headphones, then back to speakers until I'm finally happy. And then I go back after a few days/weeks of listening to it and tweak it again.
Isn't peak limiting bad because it reduces the dynamic range?

Like most editing tools, peak limiting can have a negative effect if overused or not used properly. I like it because it boosts lower volume parts without clipping or saturating higher volume parts. For example, if drum hits are loud, and rest of music is quieter, peak limiting allows volume of other instruments to be increased without clipping/distorting the drum hits. This does reduce dynamic range (number of levels between quietest and loudest sounds) and can lead to recording being "brick-walled" (where everything is loud) if overused. So, using peak-limiting is a delicate balance between getting the positive effect while avoiding the negative.
Why aren't you using newer software like Izotope Ozone?

The short answer is I'm too cheap/lazy to buy it and learn a new software interface. I also find that many of the more sophisticated processing techniques (e.g. separating instruments, adding reverb, expanding soundfield) create an unnatural, processed sound. There are probably some that think my remasters are already too processed and prefer the original recordings. Anyway, I may explore the new, fancier tools some day, but for now I'm sticking with basics.
Is there artwork for this series?

No, I haven't burned a disc in over a decade, and I assume most have moved away from physical media. If someone wants to create something (for CDRs & cases and/or digital to display on streaming device), that's fine with me. If a great artistic idea hits me, I may do something, but for now I'm focusing on the editing of the recordings.
How do you decide which shows to do?

I originally planned to do only the soundboard/FM/ALD shows and the very best audience captures, which would appeal to casual as well as hardcore fans, but have since added some lesser quality recordings of special shows (fan club shows, rare songs, shows I attended). The main factor that determines which show I work on next is source availability. There are several shows I'm eager to work on, but I'm missing a source. I've made a list of all shows that I think are worth doing quality-wise with the sources I have and need: info-file. If you have a source in the 'need' column or feel there's a show I left off the list that should be included, contact me.


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