October 22, 1990 - The Off Ramp - Seattle, WA, USA

Mookie Blaylock. © Karen Mason-Blair.

attendance: Approx. 300
supporting: Hail Mary, Lazy F, Hard Rain

soundcheck: Even Flow
setlist: Release, Alone, Alive, Once, Even Flow, Black, Breath
encore: Just A Girl

After just 15 days together, the members of the band that will become Pearl Jam, play their first show without a name! The band was added to the bill late, as one of the opening acts. Mark Riley, who filmed the soundcheck and show, remembers: "Lazy F was a short-lived Seattle band that two of my friends were in. That's why I was there with the video camera that night - they told me earlier that day that 'Mother Love Bone' was 'opening' for them... Of course, Mother Love Bone had broken up seven months prior with the death of Andy Wood, so I knew it must have been a new project by some of the remaining members. The Off Ramp was packed when 'Pearl Jam' played and it cleared out very quickly afterwards. I don't remember the other two bands at all". Karen Mason-Blair, who photographed the show, remembers: "Jeff Ament called me three days before the show. 'Karen, you have to come check out my new band'. And I was like 'great'. We all loved Andy and the whole city was a buzz with Mother Love Bone. And so, we show up... and everyone is still a little bit somber. And all I can think of is... 'Please dear God, let me like the singer'. And the minute Eddie Vedder starts singing... your heart says 'Yes!'. We were so happy!". Jeff steps off the small stage to wander in the crowd a bit while playing during the soundcheck. "Even Flow" is a very unusual, slow version. In fact, most of these songs sound very different and are slower versions, with "Release", "Once" and "Black" sporting different/early lyrics. The encore, "Just A Girl", has only appeared one more time on a setlist (that we know of). Chris Cornell: "It definitely, to this day, was absolutely the best inaugural show I've seen in my life. Hands down, no comparison. And it has nothing to do with my perception of how great they are as a live band now. I remember exactly what I was thinking then, and it was that they were absurdly great. The only other thing I remember from that show was standing next to Kelly Curtis (Pearl Jam's manager), who had been through hell with what happened with Andy. He was beaming and he said, 'Well, I'm a happy guy right about now'. He knew and I knew we'd just seen an incredible show and that they were a phenomonal band".

December 19, 1990 - The Vogue - Seattle, WA, USA (Mookie Blaylock) (Canceled)

supporting: Inspector Luv and the Ride Me Babys (who later became Green Apple Quickstep), IMIJ, El Steiner

This show reportedly got canceled because of a big snowstorm. El Steiner and Mookie Blaylock were billed as "very special guests".

December 21, 1990 - New Melody Tavern - Seattle, WA, USA (Seattle Musicians For The People)

incomplete setlist: Let Me Sleep

This benefit show went ahead, despite the big snowstorm. Mookie Blaylock played a couple of songs acoustically, with Mike McCready's old Shadow bandmate Chris Friel filling in on drums for the absent Dave Krusen. The whole setlist is still unknown, but Chris remembers the debut of "Let Me Sleep".

December 22, 1990 - Moore Theatre - Seattle, WA, USA (Mookie Blaylock)

supporting: Alice in Chains

setlist: Release, Once, Alive, Why Go, Even Flow, Alone, Porch, Breath

First known performances of "Why Go" and "Porch". At the end of the set Chris Cornell and Matt Cameron join on stage as Temple of the Dog play "Hunger Strike" and "Say Hello 2 Heaven".

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